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AI generated image showing a factory built onto a computer chip. It is meant to show a complex process that yellowShift can break down and organise.
How do we get there?

Our Process

Our Process

This process is designed to increase the likelihood of success in AI projects by providing a structured and well-defined approach to AI development. The process is based on proven industry best practices and draws on the experience of AI experts to ensure that organisations can overcome common challenges that can cause AI projects to fail.

Phase 1

This is the first phase of our process, which involves a comprehensive analysis oft he organisation's current state and challenges. It focuses on identifying areas where AI can make a transformative impact. During this phase, we conduct interviews and a workshop with internal AI initiative champions (They are typically leaders or key stakeholders who are responsible for championing the initiative, promoting it within the organisation, and ensuring its success.) to align strategic goals with AI possibilities. The Discovery Phase fosters collaboration, promotes effective communication, and creates a roadmap for successful AI implementation.

Phase 2

We develop detailed specifications for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), including user stories, wireframes, and technical requirements. This phase focuses on defining the MVP's features and functionality and creating a clear roadmap for development. By clearly specifying the desired outcomes, technical requirements, and performance metrics, we establish a solid foundation for successful AI implementation.

Phase 3

This phase is a pivotal step in the development of any AI project. It involves building prototypes or small-scale versions of the proposed AI system to validate its feasibility, functionality, and potential benefits. The prototype phase helps to identify and address technical challenges, refine the algorithms and models, and validate the performance of the AI system.

Phase 4

In this phase, we build and test the MVP, using agile development methodologies to ensure that the MVP is delivered on time and on budget. The goal of this phase is to deliver high-quality code, ensure that the MVP is scalable and maintainable, and provide a stable platform for ongoing testing and improvement.

Phase 5
Release and Iterate

After the Development Phase, the product enters the Release and Iterate phase. This phase involves launching the product to a wider audience and collecting feedback to improve its functionality, user experience, and overall performance. The product team will use the feedback from users to make updates and improvements, and may also prioritise new features and functionalities based on user needs and market trends. This phase typically involves continuous iteration and improvement and is crucial for the long-term success of the solution.

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